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In order to use programs like AdSense and to also increase the chances of being noticed by Google's search engine, you will have to learn a little about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). While the term may sound intimidating, luckily understanding SEO is not really all that difficult.


The concept of SEO is to write content that attracts readers of certain interests, by using relevant keywords in your page title, headline, sub-titles and the body of the text content on your page.


That same information also tells Google what kind of ads to serve to your site assuming your readers will have interest in ads that have to do with your content. If you don't use SEO, Google may decide to serve up adds that pay very little because they don't have any really good keywords telling them what higher paying keywords your site is related to. Whereas, if you just spent a few more minutes adding the right keyword phrases to your content/posts, you could generate a much better payout from the higher paying keywords.


There are some people on the Internet who believe that SEO is dead just because Google doesn't pay much attention to meta tags anymore, and the only way to get high search engine results listings is by having a massive number of back links from popular authority sites is simply not true. It can still help to learn a lot about SEO and use it to increase the power to attract traffic and also to increase your bottom line if your choice of ad programs is AdWords or any ad delivery system that runs on the same premise.


In addition, you can use SEO to target your articles and press releases to make them rank higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Positions). By adding a few keywords that tell the search engine that you have a specific market niche in mind, it makes it really easy for it to rank your content and serve it to the people looking for just this niche. And, that's the other reason why you will want to know SEO even though you may be using Bidvertiser.com as your choice of advertiser. That knowledge can help you target profitable niches even before you decide to create a web site or write a single post.


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