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The Rich Jerk - Marketing Genius

Promotions by the Rich Jerk are very effective since he causes emotion in people and so being makes it memorable and something you can't get out of your mind.

One of  the jerks latest on UTube 


You'll be talking about it days later whether you were laughing histerically or maybe angry, incessed at the jerk!! or worse... maybe even identifying.

An analagous marketing scheme is from top paid marketing pros for Super Bowl commercials. What do they do... They often have humorous or shocking commercials for their products and services that instill emotion and while you are in a high emotion state, they hit you with the benefit or the service...
Just look at how much talk there has been about 'go daddy' or have you heard the phrase " I work with Monkeys" enough by others?

I can't stand some of the things RJ does but I respect his 'Marketing Genius' especially as Success University's Top Recruiter

For me, RJ exploits is a lessoned learned. I wont take the same approach but we can refer more when we tie in strong emotions and benefits such as pain vs Pleasure, Freedom, respect, love, hate, humor etc...

Leon Edward


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see the rich jerk yourself

The Rich Jerk

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