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Are Lead Capture Pages Dead?

No; capture pages are not dead.  It simply makes more since in this evolving Internet Marketing environment to court your prospects through other channels first, that build a relationship with your prospect.  Doing so better insures your site visitors are more likely to opt-in to your contact list when they do get to your capture page. Using capture pages that way, you are more likely to end up with a potential buyer than a "Looky Lew". Quality versus quantity does pay more and longer term dividends.

The point is your capture options opt-in page or what ever you choose to call it, needs to be part of a customer relations building system not the beginning and end of a lead list building system.

I would much rather have 100 people on my contact list that I know have been to my website or my blog and left a comment, or had emailed a question through my contact form than a list of 1,000 that were driven straight to my capture page. Why; because ultimately it means more EASY money for me.

Now I know you want to learn how to build a high converting capture page and your anxious to get it done and be driving traffic to it so you can start building your list. But I won't be doing you any favors if I do like most authors that have written "E-Courses" on this subject. They basically show you the basic structure of a capture page and talk about a few ways to get prospective customers to your capture page. You and I will get there, but let's do it right the first time.

So in the next chapter I'll discuss the reasons WHY you should want to LURE prospects through a relationship building system and then onto your contact list, and WHY doing so can save you a lot of time, effort and frustration.

Note: some of the information in this guide will seem somewhat redundant.  I wouldn't repeat myself if I didn't think the information bore repeating.  As well; sometimes it helps with retention to look at the same subject in a slightly different way.




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