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Why You Need Quality Backlinks For SEO and Where To Get Them

When we think of Internet marketing, the word “backlink” doesn’t automatically come to mind. In fact, most people who aren’t involved with a website would not even know what a backlink means. To put it simply, a backlink is any URL link from another website that will take web surfers directly to your website. So, a backlink is like a business card (in the form of an Internet address) that you gave to someone who then refers other people back to you. Using this metaphor, one can see that the more backlinks you get the more business you get too. However, that’s not the sole reason why backlinks are important in Internet marketing.

While a backlink is a type of referral, it also can be a measure of your website’s reputation. This is why major search engines use backlinks in their search algorithms. They catalogue the number of backlinks and the strength of the people who are backlinking to your site and use this in their algorithm to determine how well you rank amongst other sites that deal with your website niche. Using backlinks you can raise the visibility of your site by getting your site highly ranked in the search engine. This, in turn, will lead to more people visiting your site and thus more business.

As if that weren’t enough, the backlinks are also used to determine the worth of the website should you decide to sell the domain later. So, backlinks can turn into dollar signs, even if your site happens to be a blog, instead of a full website. That’s how powerful backlinks are!


Being the Internet, of course, nothing is as straightforward as it seems. It’s simplistic to suggest that anything that is a backlink will enhance your site’s value or search engine ranking. Tech wizards invented the Internet, and many of those geek geniuses ended up in search engine companies. So, even though a standard HTML URL is easy enough to understand (once you get the hang of it), search engine optimization is quite intricate and often a very secretive business. After all, if we knew exactly the algorithms that major companies use to rank the sites in their listings, than anyone could fool a search engine and the entire industry would collapse overnight. So, while you can learn as much as you want about how to code a backlink, you probably won’t get the finer points of which backlinks are worth more than others to your website, unless you read this eBook.
In these pages, you will find out what specific aspects of a backlink are important in Chapter 2. We will discuss the importance of the anchor text that is linking back to you and the types of sites that link to you. This is just one of the elements that can affect your search ranking, but it appears to be a strong criterion in how you rank, at least in the Google search engine.
You will also learn how the context and positioning of a backlink has a great effect on how useful it is to improve your page rank in search engines. Of course, you will want to get backlinks from sites with good page rank, as they will be weighted more. The higher up you are in the page listing (home page being the best page), the more the backlink is weighted. You will learn why link referral pages are no longer as good a strategy as getting your link on relevant pages with few other backlinks. Also, it may surprise you to learn that where the link appears on the page (top, middle, and bottom) can also influence how strong a backlink it is perceived to be by the search engine-ranking algorithm.

Once you understand the dynamics of a sound backlink, you still have to figure out how to persuade the right people to backlink to your site. You can spend an inordinate amount of time locating sites of similar content to your own and emailing webmasters for reciprocal links, but you will quickly find that you do not get many replies. The process is also time-consuming. So, you may find yourself somewhat stymied about how to generate backlinks without having to do too much upfront work.

If you can pay someone to create your site, you may reason, why can’t you pay someone to backlink to your site? And, the answer is that you can! There are search engine optimization companies that can help you establish sufficient backlinks to raise your page rank for a minimal expense. There are risks involved, however, as Google doesn’t like the practice of rigging your site to look good in search engines. And, since the algorithms are kept secret, you can inadvertently trip a red flag that sends your site automatically to the bottom of the heap if you end up paying to be included in link farm pages.

Despite this risk, many people do use companies to help them change the ranking of their site by buying backlinks. We will include this information in Chapter 3 and let you decide if this is a strategy that you want to pursue.


Chapter 4 discusses how to generate free backlinks with dofollow sites. These sites are specific blogs or websites that will give you a backlink when you leave comments on their pages. They are set up to have the “no follow” feature disabled and this is a great way to generate free links, especially if they are relevant to your site’s content.


One of the best ways to get backlinks is to have something relevant to webmasters that are constantly searching for content and tools to help make their lives easier. Of course, these people live mostly on the World Wide Web (WWW) and are quick to tell all their buddies when they find a great resource. Even if your site has nothing to do with software, it doesn’t mean you can’t figure out how to put up a piece of software that attracts just this audience. If it is a hit, it can end up being referenced by people who spend almost all their lives on the web. That’s like having a gossipy neighbor get a hold of your latest sales brochure, which they absolutely adore! You can expect anyone within distance (and the WWW makes everyone accessible) to want to peek into your business. Chapter 5 shows you just how you too can get this type of exposure for your site. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to create your own software tool.

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