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How To Market Your Business On Facebook

If you are from the old school of marketing, you might think you have to psyche yourself up for a whole lot of fast acebooknd furious cold calling, except instead of using the phone you'll use email. This type of activity is called spamming and unsolicited sales emails are a great way to get your account banned. So, you have to learn the art of the soft sell while trying to establish a business presence in Facebook. The immediate intent of reaching out to contact others should not an immediate sale, but actually it should be about building relationships and establishing a growing network. This takes time and it takes finesse.


In some cases, you will be using some of the more gentile mannerisms taught as classic marketing maneuvers, except instead of doing it in person, you will be doing it online. If you have ever been a consultant in the real world for any line of work, you probably already have some of those skills. All you have to do now is translate them into an online web of business contacts.


Get A Referral


One of the easiest ways to build a contact list, and also the most effective, is to get a referral from someone you already know. In fact, Facebook was created on this premise when it originally was created with a closed network that you had to be invited into by someone else to access. This is no longer the case, and you can simply choose to sign yourself up without a referral from anyone. However, then you find yourself in Facebook and you're all alone! Instead of sending out emails to anonymous people, you should always start to try to build your network with people you already know who are on Facebook. This way you never find yourself in the position of having to make an email cold call. Someone will have already introduced you as a friend. This will give you a degree of credibility when you go to approach people you don't know on Facebook, who you would like to get to know. If you have no friends, you can bet others will not trust you as easily as if you have a few friends on your side already willing to vouch for you.


When you sign up, you will be asked for a variety of personal information. You should be truthful with where you went to school, where you live, and where you work (if you don't mind an employer finding out you are on Facebook). Some people have even tried using screen names, but found that when building a business, it makes more sense to use your own name. After all, hopefully you are not online to post pictures of the latest frat party, but rather to make money. So, if you keep to some decent business standards, you shouldn't have to worry too much about using your own name and it can help to start to brand you as an expert in some field.


The reason for using your own personal information is because you are going to use it to find your friends! If you go in and can find no one there who knows you, you will have to start trying to make friends, without having any friends to speak of. That's like being the new kid in school who no one knows, no one trusts, and everyone thinks is a bit weird. Friends are important because they can help you establish your identity and verify who you are. And, identity is everything in social networking.


So, after answering the profile information, you can start to look for people who might have attended school with you at some time in the past, your prior co-workers, and even people in your specific geographical area. Another great way to find people you already know on Facebook is to think about the types of organizations you have joined in the past. Is there a church you attended? Plug in the church name in the friend finder and you will be surprised how many people pop up. Any organization is fair game, whether it is a library book club or a business organization. It doesn't hurt to look and it can be a great way to establish a presence from the physical encounters and time you've already spent doing your regular activities in your area.


The Handshake


Any savvy marketer will tell you that if you meet someone new, you shake hands firmly and you look the new person in the eye and try to establish some personal rapport, as soon as possible. Well, when you find those friends online, you're already a bit ahead of yourself because you should have some rapport from past associations. Now, all you need to do is seal the electronic deal by sending them a message that you want to be their friend. So, in a way, you have to re-introduce yourself to them as if they were a semi-stranger because you are online and they can't see you through their PC screen.


When you find someone you know, you can choose to “Add as Friend” and then a message box will pop up. Here, you can remind your old friend of who you are and what you shared together. Did you sing in the same choir at church? Why not say:”Hey, Buddy, great to see a fellow choir member here online! What have you been up to since we last saw each other?” It's always great to ask a question to get a reply. The idea is to establish that handshake, make it as firm as possible by identifying who you are and their connection to you, and then try to establish a rapport or connection with them so that they will agree to add you as a friend.


Keep in mind that there are advantages and disadvantages to networking online. Sometimes they are often the same thing! For instance, the great advantage to online networking can be that you can approach many different people to try to build your network, in much less time than if you tried to do this physically. The disadvantage is that so many people are trying to get to know each other, that you can quickly be lost in the crowd or simply ignored by people who no longer want to be anyone's friend! Hopefully, by starting out with people who you already have some relationship with in the physical world, you will have a firm footing in the cyberworld to help you grow your network bigger when it comes time to do that.


The First Product You Sell: Yourself


Now, that you have someone's attention, you might think it's time to make your sales pitch. Hold on! The first product you have to sell on a social networking site is yourself. That means that these types of interactions will take a little longer upfront than conventional methods of marketing where you are trying to contact as many people as possible and then issuing a sales pitch in the hopes you get someone who is ready to buy. That's a very quick way of alienating all your friends on Facebook and they probably won't come back. Since your friends lend your online presence a degree of credibility and trust, once all your friends leave, you are basically bankrupt on a social network. You might as well leave and start a different profile (although Facebook only allows one profile per user) or a use a different site.


So, instead, focus on getting to know your friends a little better and finding out what about their identities has attracted them to you. Then, promote that part of your image more to gain more people from their network to join your own network. You should try to remain in your targeted niche for the products you are selling. So, if you are selling mail order office products, you shouldn't try to promote an image of non-professionalism and get all your friends from the local pub to join.


Now, if you were selling sporting goods, the same crowd could yield great sales leads and buy a lot from you in the long run. So, do sell your traits, but gear them to your image and the identities of those people you are trying to attract. The more interesting you are to them, the more likely they will tell a friend about what you are doing on your Facebook account.


Opt For A Casual, Conversational Approach


Unlike the real business world of corporate sales, Facebook doesn't give you kudos for putting on a virtual tie and acting robot-like. Your main intent may be to eventually make a sale, but that is not the intent of Facebook or its creators. So, you don't want to send out a vibe that you are only on Facebook to do business. In the corporate world, a business-like demeanor is seen as very professional and efficient, on Facebook, it's deadly.


You have to remember that your audience on Facebook is one made up of college students or young professionals, for the most part. They still haven't spent a whole lot of time in the corporate world and are more likely to view this type of approach as irritating and somewhat ridiculous. They will also immediately go on the defensive if they think they are being cultivated for some sales gimmick and your behavior will clue them in rather quickly.


So, you don't want to act like a professional salesperson or marketer. You want to act a little more congenial and try to reel them into your virtual world by giving them a little trail of bread crumbs to lure them into your fairy tale world.


Business on The Web Changes, Web 2.0, Social Bookmarking and Making Money On Facebook

The global economy is here to stay and the Internet is one of its primary vehicles of commerce. The old ways of doing business are quickly changing to be replaced by entrepreneurs who know how to reach customers all over the world and in the privacy of their own homes. However, to do that, today's business owners have to be technically savvy to reap some of the benefits of the Internet. They have to change their way of thinking about how to run a business and they need to go to places where there are potential clients ready to be approached for a quick sale. This is where Facebook comes in.



Changing The Way We Do Business


In the past, the only way to do business was through a retail or mail-order store. Either way, to find your customers you had to either do substantial marketing research on your own, a mass-mailing campaign, and/or have a storefront business that attracted walk-ins. That limited most small entrepreneurs because they needed a large amount of startup capital just to get started with their business.



The Internet has changed all that. Now, you don't have to hire someone to do market research to find your customers. You can speedily find them on your own in social networking communities like Facebook. With the power of email and other electronic applications, you don't even need to spend money on a mailing campaign. And, you can even have a business that has a virtual storefront and no retail space and do very well too.



In addition, the Internet has changed the dynamics between people who sold services like advertising or their own products, to make it advantageous to them to go with small players to do some advertising or selling of their own products online. The biggest change is that the Internet has made the act of starting your own business much easier and given everyone an equal opportunity to become a success! It just takes a little know-how and a bit of persistence to eventually establish yourself as a business on the Internet.



Social Networking And Web 2.0


At first, the Internet was developed by scientists as a repository for information. It was only later that it began to be exploited for marketing and entertainment purposes. As technologies got more sophisticated, pure text messages began to be replaced with video and music clips. People began to gather into different communities to share not only information, but anything and everything that was of interest to them. Communities like eBay took off for auction sites and MySpace is popular with many teenagers. Facebook had its one defined marketplace when it first started: college students.



As these community sites grew and started to extend their influence, they became known as social networking sites. In addition, a new moniker of “Web 2.0” was given to anything on the Internet that fostered a sense of community versus straight informational downloads. In that respect, many people see the first version of the Web as being very straight vanilla, almost like a news read, and Web 2.0 is for anything beyond that, that is more interactive with surfers becoming community participants too.



Why Facebook?


It became obvious, quite quickly, that where people gathered online there is a huge potential for traffic generation and eyeballs to your business and products. However, places like MySpace attracted a younger crowd and weren't suitable for business purposes, unlike Facebook. Since Facebook first started as a place for college students to meet other college students, it was natural for it to expand into the professional market once these students graduated. Not only that, but it is one of the fastest growing social networking sites out there with over 75 million registered users online.



In Make Money On Facebook  , you will learn how to use Facebook to develop a business that is not only profitable, but cutting edge. As the Internet and social networking evolves, you will be stepping into markets on the bottom floor as an early adopter of Internet technology for business purposes. We will guide you through the process to help you navigate new and exciting areas in business that can give you an idea of how wide the marketplace really is on the Internet.

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