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Target Your Customers on Facebook For Start Up New Business

 In order to figure out what audience to target, you have to understand the types of people who join Facebook. Adonomics.com is website dedicated to understanding what people are doing on Facebook by tracking the applications that are being created and downloaded. They've broken down the types of communications that occur in Facebook into three categories: identity, factic, and other.

Factic would relate to communications that one engages for the sake of the social task being performed. For instance, when someone hands you something, you automatically communicate, “thank you” even though it performs no function directly other than to be polite. The biggest category of communication is identity, which comprises about 43% of all communications on Facebook. This should tell you that people who join Facebook are interested in asserting their identities, whether individually or as a group. And, that's how you are going to attract people to you and figure out your sales demographics too.

Your Sales Brand

Your profile is your sales brand on Facebook. It is your identity and, as such, is the brand that will either attract or repel people to your products and services. If you've spent a good deal of time setting up the perfect profile, it will help you to generate interest in people joining as friends. So, you identify who you are first and foremost. Then, you will want to continue to communicate this identity through your Facebook interactions and eventually participate or create communities that strengthen this identity. The reason for this is simple: If your brand, or identity, appeals to people on Facebook, then it will flourish and generate traffic and income.

How To Locate Clients

After you've established your own identity, then you want to locate the demographics within Facebook that will resonate with your brand. This is straightforward marketing philosophy. In order to make your marketing efforts pay off, you want to either approach or engage people who might be likely to buy them. If you waste your time just chit-chatting with everyone, you may end up being the most social person in Facebook, but making poor sales. So, you should always seek to engage people in the demographic segment that is likely to buy your products and services, as well as engage in social interactions. You can do this several ways: by using the search bar, Lexicon, or polls.

Using The Search Bar

One of the first ways to locate a demographic that might be beneficial to your business is to look at the professions of people who might be interested in your products. Are you selling physical fitness products? Look up physical fitness trainers, yoga instructors, and/or sport coaches. These are three very viable demographics for these products and they are based on people's professions. So, by opening the search bar and just typing one in at a time, you can easily locate people in these professions and begin to start building a contact list.

When you get results from the search bar, they will pull up on an “All Results” tab. However, don't fail to notice that there are other tabs available that can narrow down your search metrics much more efficiently. They are broken down into their own tabs as follows:

    People
This tab will show you all the people who matched your search query. You will have to check each individually to see where the search term was found in their profile to see if it makes sense to add them to a potential contact list. If the keyword you searched shows up in areas like hobby instead of the job title, you may have to decide whether they could be a serious buyer or not. You want to create a streamlined list of contacts that have good potential, not every person who's name shows up in the results.

    Pages
This tab will show you all the pages created by people on Facebook. They typically represent businesses, interest groups, non-profits, or even political campaigns. These are not for individuals as much as for groups, so keep that in mind if you are wanting to sell to individuals. If you are looking for business-to-business interactions than the pages results can steer you in the right direction.

    Groups
This tab is for groups created by people, not just businesses. They can comprise anything under the sun. They typically do not like to be marketed, but can be a great resource for developing new friends and to learn how people in your demographics are interacting. You can join a few groups and start to network this way very efficiently.

    Events
If you have some local events that you are using for marketing purposes, or you want to connect with people specifically in your geographic zone face-to-face, then you can check out the events page. You may find groups of people in your area who make a perfect sales demographic for your products or services.

    Applications
These are tools helpful to your marketing efforts, not people. So, you will be able to find helpful applications that might be highlighted in the application tab by using your demographic search result. They won't lead you to buying customers though unless they are tools to help you do that.

When you are building your contact list, be sure to check out as  many tabs as necessary to get a good cross-section of people and businesses that might be helpful in your search.


Lexicon is a feature in Facebook that measures trends in different content posted to Facebook.  It can be used as a market research tool by comparing how popular different search terms, associated with your products or services, are on Facebook. It can also give you an idea of what people are saying about these keywords as it tracks the information that is posted to the Wall section of each person's profile. This is an area where people post messages to each other and it can give you an idea of what the latest buzz is in Facebook and help you to capitalize on that interest level. Or, if you are trying to decide whether your cat or dog products might sell better, you can compare the trends by placing the words “cat, dog” into the Lexicon search area. Then, you can see that dogs are talked about more than cats recently. You can put in up to five words separated by commas to search this way and get a good idea of recent trends in Facebook.

It may be difficult to find a direct link to Lexicon, so we are providing it here:  http://www.facebook.com/lexicon


Polls are a great way to figure out what is of interest to people who are coming to your profile or who are in groups. You will want to either get permission to post a poll to a group or be the group's creator. This is not a free service, so it can cost you a bit to do market research and demographics investigations this way. If you don't want to pay to do it, you can always use your contact list from a group you created to direct them to a survey outside of Facebook using a free tool like surveymonkey.com. Or instead of using the poll tool, you can conduct a poll in the discussion area of a group to get started without spending any money. This is a great way to get feedback on whether your products and services can use some enhancements or if you might be able to cross-sell some new product or featured based on a new underutilized need in your market segment.


Mini-feeds show the actions that you've taken as a member of Facebook from the most recent to the less recent. It will show what networks or groups you've joined, when you edit your profile, or added friends and applications. You can view other people's mini-feeds on their profiles too on the right-hand side to do some market research on what interests particular targets. This can be helpful if you notice people are doing the same sorts of things across a particular segment of your market groups.

News Feeds

These are different that Mini-feeds in that they are automatically generated by Facebook to keep friends connected and to use content in a viral manner. What stories show up on your news feed depends on a number of different variables from what your privacy settings are to what your friend's privacy settings are. Sometimes stories show up just because Facebook finds them interesting. At any rate, watching the news feed is another good way to figure out what your friends and potential customers are interested and especially, when some topic is about to go viral.

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