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Guerilla Marketing In 2007

You may have heard of Guerilla Marketing...

But does it work in 2007?

The answer is absolutely!

How does a new business owner get their new customers
talking? After all, that is the crux of successfully
marketing a business. When customers or clients like a
business for whatever reason, you can bet they’ll
recommend it to others. That’s why word of mouth
advertising is so important to a good marketing

Guerilla Marketing 101 can show you how to do just
that. It will help you find the market niche and the
uniqueness of your particular product. When people are
excited about a product and they’re telling their
friends and relatives, they will save you lots of
dollars and many hours of time in marketing. When they
do the advertising, you can better invest your
energies into working IN your business instead of FOR

Get your product into the hands of the right people at
the right time. Use those folks who are upstanding and
reputable in your community and encourage them to try,
use, and let others know about your product or

Become involved with community and charitable events
to get your business name on the mouths of the people.
It can definitely promote a healthy and optimistic
attitude in the minds of those who attend. In many
cases, they will frequent your business or buy your
products initially because of a single like-minded
event you were a part of.

This is a great way to appeal to the side of people
who wants to help a person who helps others.

You've seen it, we all have.  A person volunteers
to help the homeless for years and then suddenly,
their house burns down.


To Your Success!

Leon Edward

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