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Increase google PR with Strategies To Make Your Blog Web Site More Valuable

One of the main ways to increase sales is to put offers in various places that are normally overlooked by Internet marketers. One such place is the error page. Another is the thank you page or the order entry form. There are different ways to market people when they finally land on your site, but you want to add offers wherever you think they might be visible to people, so even the error page can be a good place to add an offer.

When your buyers see the trouble you've gone to in order to customize the site to add offers in places that can generate unexpected sales, they will be delighted and impressed. So, let's go through some of the details here.

An error page is the page people get when they type in a URL in your domain that doesn't exist. This can either be due to a misspelling or because you took the page down and people had the old page bookmarked. To add offers to the error page, also known as the 404 error page,  you can use a plug-in too.

Download the 404 Error page plug-in available at http://www.askapache.com/404-google-WordPress-plugin.html and FTP it up to your site. You will want to put it into the same plugins folder you put the other plug-ins into before. Then, activate it the same way by getting it to turn green.

While you are in the admin area of your site, you will want to look for the option panel and select that. There will be a submenu entitled "AA Google 404." It should take you to a page similar to /wp-admin/options-general.php?page=askapache-google-404.php.

You will want to insert the Google Search API key there. Hit the update button. Then go back to the main admin area and look up the Presentation>Theme Editor area. There should be a link there that will allow you to edit the 404 error page. Create a template for how you want the error page to look and add the code that tells it to add some offers. This is done by including the following code: <?php if(function_exists('aa_google_404'))aa_google_404();?> into the 404.php template page you've been editing. It should go in the main content area to be effective.

Another thing that buyers like to see are site stats. You can offer these directly on the web site by installing the Cystats plugin. It is located at http://WordPress.org/extend/plugins/cystats . This nifty plug-in lets visitors to your site see the number of referring pages, most read categories, and even most read comments, and a whole lot more. It is a great way to prove that your site has readership and a high interest level.



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