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Listing my 0 Pr Websites in the top PR Directories to get on google fast

This entry is getting away from the usual helpful marketing articlls found here. I'm going back to pure blogging. I'm posting what marketing and promotion I do with my sites. I can't actually give you the names and keywords I choose to have a website of mine go to #1 on yahoo search and msn but I can go over my method to get high Pr and hopefully a google listing as that's where most of the traffic for my keyword are...

 This site has a zero Pr yet I' listed one on yahoo and MSN for ket terms. Believe it or not, the website content was just added within two weeks. But I had the domain for a coulpe years...

It was just sitting there waiting for me to get off my 'good intentions' .


Finally I added the content and now to get the Pr

I have used gotlinks.com in the past to build PR from 1 to maybe 4, but this time I've got a Pr of zero...

I could buy a link on a high Pr as CNN and get listed on Google right away or pay Google something as $300 a year for a directory listing but I'm, FRUGLE hats just another word for cheap...


I should mention ezinearticles.com here as they usually have a pr 5 or 6 and they are free. So writing a short article is a free way to go and I'll be submitting articles on another day...

back to directories

I'm starting with listing my website in free High PR directories

http://www.business.com/ has a Pr of 7 currently ut II'm not paying the $200 a yr to get it listed there. YOu may want to , so I'll give you that name.


Note that Pr ratings can change overnight so any rankings iven in this blog entry are good for today as I'm writing. I'm sure these strong sites will still be strong...

A PR6 where you can submit your urls is http://www.goguides.org/

 It costs $70 freakin dollars and I usually would move on but.... Its still a deal , as their Alexa anking was under 20,000 so there getting some decent traffic.

And I just made 2 affiliate sales yesterday via clicks coming through on yahoo top ranking. only 2?  but get this my commission was almost $70 on each Sale!

1 sale or referral and this directory listing is paid for, so I used paypal to purchase.


The next HIgh Pr Directory is reasonable.

PR6 http://www.joeant.com/  The Alexa Ranking is twice as good as the last one , under 10k

Onetime payment of 39.99 is required. I paypaled this as the point is to get this search engine friendly site on google as fast as possible.

I also added a free site map to google.

You can use a free tool many places for that. I used the link at addme.com

Thats IT, I'm exhausted. I've been onlne for over twenty minutes!

Its about 85 outside and not a cloud in tyhe sky, gotta get these legs moving.. then I'll see if the Yankees RedSox series is over, being Monday it should be.

Another time I'll focus of free PR5s and 4s, also good for getting into Google but not as fast.


I'll follow this up.


- Leon Edward


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