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Social Bookmarking Marketing Impact on Web

The Impact Of Web 2.0 And Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking offers many benefits to bloggers, consumers, and visitors, but there are additional benefits for marketers and businesses owners.  Both of these groups can take advantage of a plethora of information readily available.  Social bookmarking allows users to share and promote their tastes, preferences, and brand choices.  Not only are they doing this without prompting, but there is an element of creating a network with like-minded users involved.

The old ways of conducting market research and finding out more about target markets and customers are long gone; with today's web tools and freely distributed information, tracking down the target market and identifying new trends has become much easier.

It's interesting to compare and contrast the old and new ways of marketing on the web.  When website and internet marketing first became effective, the most common applications included:

" Surveys
" Online newsletters
" Direct e-mail campaigns
" Auto responders
" E-mail collection services
" Visitor feedback through comments

With the surge in Web 2.0 technologies, blogging, and a higher level of interaction on the web, the focus has shifted to interaction and community building.  As a result, the most common applications for marketers on the web today include:

" Blogging
" Social networking
" Wiki-style site building
" Online chat
" Vlogging
" Online events
" Social bookmarking networks

By seeing exactly what consumers are looking for online, a business or marketing team can even increase their own exposure in the right channels. Branding by increasing exposure is an excellent way to cut costs on marketing budgets; social bookmarking is an inexpensive way to simply 'insert' and include a brand in a growing consumer activity.

At a very basic level, social bookmarking allows users to create a profile and share information.  When building a profile, users are looking for other people with similar interests.  Any business or brand can create an identity and join various communities.  By doing so, they can reach well beyond their target market and join various networks after a few simple steps.

It's easy to attract and maintain a steady presence by using the following guidelines when developing a submission:

" Make the content easy to read and understand
" Offer useful tools
" Use keywords
" Make the best use of tagging so users can find your information with ease


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