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Social Media Marketing Success Tips for Small Business

Many consumers may think that small businesses may not have a high chance of surviving in today’s growing competitive market but with the advanced technologies available, simple tips using the latest hi-tech marketing tools and strategies may just be sufficient to give small businesses the bounce to springboard them into the market limelight. The emergence of social media and online marketing tools, techniques and resources such as Twitter,

Facebook and LinkedIn can help them get into the limelight quickly.

These social media platforms boast of not just a couple of millions members or followers; they enjoy 50 – 350 million members with more adding to the number every day. These modern networking sites encourage the engagement of social media marketing for small businesses to impact their industry and global markets while bringing in potential leads.

Simple tips in manipulating Social Media Marketing

1. Small business owners can get on the playing field with the same set of tools as established and large businesses if the former are bold to move forward even in small steps. In order to achieve the desired results for their business to expand, small businesses must consider employing optimization of their web content and website to ensure that popular search engines will not penalize them. Hence, the right use of search engine optimization tools and marketing strategies would work to boost their web business site rankings.

Hence, it is crucial to small businesses to understand and embrace the available social media marketing techniques of today and stay abreast with the changing technologies that offer new or updated social media marketing tools over time. A lot of far-sightedness with careful planning is required to ensure a business success. Creating an impactful online web presence for the business regardless of its size helps the small enterprise to expand more rapidly than can be imagined as the client base grows in leaps and bounds.

2. It is important for small businesses to expand their social network in cost efficient measures through relevant links at a variety of websites that would prove helpful to the business. These are deemed strategic business alliances even on the Internet where such websites can complement the small business offering to promote business services and products.

A small business can succeed quickly in the market when it identifies clearly its potential or niche market audience. There would be a plethora of websites that share similar interests which serve as a potential opportunity to connect with and gain an unfair advantage on the available potential leads frequenting those websites. Mutual benefits can be struck through the forming of business alliances that would benefit one another. Facebook is an extremely popular and successful social media platform that serves well to boost the marketing strategies of any small business on the Internet with some creativity. The use of blogs and online social chat rooms prove to be strategic marketing approaches that would bring on positive results to the small business.

3. The creation of an appealing profile for the web business on popular social networking sites stands to boost the web business presence on the Internet much faster than adopting traditional modes of advertisement on the company offerings. An impactful link attached on the ‘About Us’ webpage instead of a ‘Home’ webpage may bring in more queries and potential leads. Relevant business information about the company’s products and services are made available to web visitors to compel them to a purchase consideration; if not a better understanding of the business entity and offerings.

There must be proper goals set for the business as a measure of progress; these business goals need not be gigantic with a small business but the goals must be achievable within a short to medium period of time in execution. These goals must be measurable to determine the effectiveness of the choice of social media marketing tools and techniques employed. The right business goals identified would serve as a driver to generate the right type of content for the web business site. Google Analytics have the tools to measure certain business goals to assist the business owner in identifying the effectiveness of the social media marketing approaches adopted.

4. Small businesses with a dynamic web business site does not need to overspend their time on advertising measures; a better approach is to enhance the web content quality to draw more web readers and potential leads. High quality web content with SEO features has been proven to attract more web traffic with the relevant and impactful keyword or phrases that enrich the web pages. This in turn satisfies web consumers who are kept mesmerized with the rich keyword content that is interesting and relevant to them while meeting their needs.

These web consumers would be converted into loyal followers and customers of the site regardless of the business size; the volume would definitely increase.
Advanced SEO features are very dynamic tools that can be incorporated in various parts of the small business’ website to attract the approval of popular search engines for a more favorable page ranking. However, the small business owner must stay alert to the constantly changing requirements of popular search engine algorithms that are becoming more stringent. Small businesses have an advantage over large established businesses in being more flexible to changes in adopting new marketing strategies. It is more difficult for large established businesses to move forward with new SEO options as the organization is too large to make a complete transition quickly. Hence, more care and considerations are required to transit the entire organization to a different mode of modus operandi such as employing social media marketing strategies.



It is up to each business management regardless of its business size to consider the impacts of adopting social media marketing approaches and campaigns. There may be a need to establish the best of social media marketing approaches or policies to drive the business organization in the desired direction if an accurate foresight is possible.

If necessary, professional SEO experts who specialize in social media marketing campaigns should be considered for hire to be successful in small business management.

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