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The Importance of Opt-in E-mail Leads in Network Marketing

If anyone tells you that network marketing (NWM) is easy, you are not getting the whole truth. It is not and for that matter, starting any business venture is not easy. There are three primary ingredients to network marketing a success; time, effort, and you guessed it – money. Time is not difficult if you know how to reschedule your responsibilities. Effort is completely up to you. What are you willing to dedicate to your business? The more effort you put in the quicker the results will shine forth. Money is self-limiting and can affect your time and effort. You have to be able to look at your resources and find what method or combination of methods works best for you.

Remember that advertising for your business can take many forms and opt-in is an excellent way to generate leads for your network marketing business. There are three opt-in techniques. The first one is called “opt-in”. This is when an interested person or client signs up for your service or email list. Other people can add others to the list, so this may not always be accurate.

Another type of opt-in is called “confirmed opt-in”. This is a list of consumers that want to be included on your email and correspondence list. They may have signed up on your website, or contacted you directly. They are interested in your product or service and you will add them to your list. These people can unsubscribe at any time and is quite effective for many businesses.

The other type is called “double opt-in”.  This is when the prospective client or consumer must be the one to sign-up on the list and then confirm a second time through an e-mail that they want to be on your list. This step verifies that anyone who was added without his or her permission has the ability to unsubscribe. The added protection is that if they do nothing they will not be added to the list. The benefit is that they will no longer receive e-mails they do not wish to receive. You will not be wasting valuable time marketing to someone who is not interested.

The double opt-in is the best method if you want a highly targeted list of leads. With this method, your time is wisely spent and you will not constantly need to clean up your database. Yes, you will have to maintain it but not as often.

When you are sending your e-mail campaign for network marketing, remember your prospects are less likely to read an e-mail if it appears they are a number among thousands that receives your message. You can have the best opt-in technique available and if the prospective lead feels as if they are not important, they will delete your message without reading it. Another important aspect of network marketing is the tools you have in place to measure your success. Software programs are available that will help you automate your network marketing business and measure the success of the targeted lists that you are mailing to. Have you considered your objectives? This is very important before sending out e-mails with opt-in offers. If you receive back thousands of requests, yet have not established your goals, you will be spinning your wheels. The message is as important as the targeted list – is your message captivating or boring, long and dry or short and captivating? It is important that you work out these details before you begin your network marketing (NWM) business.

A network marketing business (NWM) takes dedication and a diligent effort on your part to make it grown and become a success. It may take you a little bit of time to find the right combination of advertising but if you combine the technique of opt-in with e-zines (e-newsletters), posting in various forums, and keeping your website enticing you will find that you have are a success in your business. Remember, to bring growth to a business you need more than one marketing plan. You want to cast your business net wide, so utilize the tools that are available to become a success. It takes time to find the right combination of advertising that brings in the business but with time and effort, you will be pleased with your results.

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Leon Edward



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