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Internet Marketing Conundrum

Ignoring the problem or getting bent out of shape over it isn’t going to make it go away. I am referring to the sad state of affairs of modern day popular culture and just how far from authenticity we have sunk in our search for meaning in life. Much of the world is entering what is being called the 'Bread and Circuses' phase of declining empire. A phase preoccupied with credit binging, fiat money and spectacle.  The Romans went through a similar period of decay, Nero fiddling while Rome burned.

Then as now, there are many narrowly focused people out there in the world with money to spend who only want to be entertained. They care not a hoot for dignity, synergy or edified social discourse. Reading, the News Hour, National Public Radio, debates...how boring. Glamour, glitter and action, that’s where it’s at. Seeking diversion in fun and games is a sign of the times, and noble or not, the astute marketer can realize that there is a lot of money to be made catering to the praetorian.

In order to be successful online, as offline, when selling either a product or a service, there must exist a market for what you are selling. By targeting the multi-billion dollar, global, entertainment market, a nobody’s fool Internet marketer can focus on one of the largest and still exponentially growing markets available, second only to the porn industry. This market is packed full of people who are searching for new and exciting products having anything to do with gambling, sports, celebrity, lotteries, glitz, gossip, or any combination thereof.

The conundrum, or perhaps we should call it hypocrisy, is that many of us pretend to righteousness when it comes to say selling seedy sex online, but have no qualms about taking peoples money for any other imaginable swindle as long as it isn’t jailie. The fact is, people are going to attempt to fill the void in their lives by throwing money away whether we, as astute observers, are there or not to relieve them of some of it. When gambling was illegal, it didn’t cure people from the desire to beat the odds despite common sense and logic, it only drove the passion underground, and enriched and fostered a nasty criminal element to cater to them. At least now, as with lotteries, it is a taxation on idiocy, and we are no longer our brothers keepers.

There is no reason I can think of not to put that money to better use, and I can only do that if it is in my pocket. Foolish people with too much freedom and too little self control or respect for themselves, are aggressively bent on seeking their vicarious thrills, so who am I to deny them. Standing on a soapbox extolling the virtues of thrift and husbandry will only earn me derision and ridicule. Since I am in the upscale marketing business, there is one mantra that I will adhere to in taking on these ‘products’ and that is to provide variety, selection and quality to the customer.

When all is said and done, catering to human foibles in this manner may actually be more honest and sincere than the present day cons and swindles of corporations, wall street or mainstream politics. In this regard then, it is incumbent upon me to find the most professional and legitimate programs available to offer my customers since my reputation and business ethics are at stake; long term credibility and viability being paramount.

Gambling and celebrity worship were traditionally the purview of the sharkskin suit and gold chain set, but with the advent of the Internet, anyone can enter the game. But this enterprise as with any other, to be ultimately successful must provide a needed service honestly and with integrity. The business model has to be approached and structured to be open and above board to both the people providing the service and those partaking of it. There is a lot of money to be made from a world lost to the grace of higher pursuits...but there is no denying the mad pursuit of happiness. To this end, I have discovered a vehicle that offers professionalism and savvy in profiting from this phenomena of advanced web profits. I decidedly frown on purveyors of turpitude who exploit others for personal gain, however, if our prospective customers wish to exploit themselves, that is a matter of their own concern.


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