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Adsense Is All About Relevant Ads

Many websites and blogs use AdSense to monetize their sites.  AdSense is good for monetization because it tailors the ads to your site content.  AdSense also allows you to sell space on your site by setting it up once and then not having think much about it ever again, other than tweaking a bit the location and side of the AdSense ad blocks themselves on your site.  Passive income is always the best form of income to have because it frees you up to be working on other things and sits there in the background making you money. 

If you spend a bit of time placing the AdSense ad boxes on your site when you build it, and then keep your titles and content inline with the topic of your blog, you can make money with AdSense without much further thought.  AdSense is a great source of passive income.  Passive income is very important and valuable.  Passive income is money which you receive without having to do daily work for it.  It is simply something you set-up once and then sit back and collect your money from it over time.  

One way to publish a successful monetized blog is to find a blog topic which is fairly unique.  Find a unique topic means you do not have a lot of websites to compete with in the search engines.   By doing this you can generate a lot of natural visitors through search engine listings and then from those visitors a lot of clicks on your AdSense ads as well. 

There are entire books written on how to find "The" topic to publish the best monetized blog.  However, the easiest way is to simply search for topics that interest you and see how many page hits sites like Google returns; the lower the number, the better the topic.  Understand however, that everything you search will have a ton of hits.  Any search with results lower than about a two million is probably a great option for a blog topic.  Any search over about ten million is probably not the best topic to choose. 

Trying to get good search engine rankings with a topic like "Chickens" is much easier than trying to get a high ranking with a topic like "Computers".  With a topic of computers there are literally millions of websites; some are very large sites, dedicated to the topic.  All of whom you will have to compete with for rankings!  Why try and compete with IBM and Dell when you can simply find something easier to blog about?  It just doesn't make sense to try.  Stick to the lesser popular keywords and you will see better traffic and AdSense income.


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