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How to Get HIGH pr from submitting Articles and Quality Backlinks

I spent most of the day sorting through lists of articlesubmission sites. Russell Brunson has a magazine that comes out monthly that is very reasonable and has no BS. He tells you from the first sentence Whats up with NO HYPE. Anyway, he published a list of 200+ sites that were either article databases or private sites that put there own articles out for content.

Wow some of the people who kept private had pr7 or 8 !

but the point of me typing each one in was  to check out the pr and then being selective to hand submit articles to high  pr sites.


 I still use ArticleMarketer.com to submit bulk articles and get a great number of backlinks to my sites but the higher pr sites don't easily accept automated submissions. One example is EzineArticles.com which I strongly recommend you hand submit. This also gives you the chance to modify your backlink  to your site possibly going to an inner page.

Most  of the article submission sites Russell listed were PR4 but there were about a dozen 5s , a half dozen pr6 and a seven. So I will take time to regularly submit to the pr7, and pr 6 sites for bcklinks.

Also I crosslisted the huge list against the ones Article Marketer  submits to. There were some not getting my articles so I will hand submit those at times, even the 4 if they have a good traffic rating on Alexa.

That took up most of Saturday . I had the Ohio State and the Florida games on the plasma in the background...

I also am getting backlings and exchange links building sites daily. I

 use a couple services. gotlinks.com is great for thousands of links mostly pr1-pr4 although they have\ had a few 5 and 6 there.

I also added a couple purchased links. I dont mind buying a link on the home page of a pr7

I added some lower cost pr5 links on some niche websites for my target markets. They have lower traffic but the links are a deal cause they are low priced yet have a hich click through rate and good conversion being in such a targeted niche..


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