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What You Can Use A Local Grant For

So what exactly can you use local grants for? This article will help you understand that.

The uses of local grant money can be as varied as the number of different grant programs you explore. Many grants from higher levels up at the state and federal level are bestowed on cities. There are often grant departments that function within a local city government, and their job is to find grants that can be used to fund city projects that will benefit all the citizens of the city.

This can help a business because the city can get grant money to pay for the construction of roads that will bring customers to your business more easily, or they might pay for improving a downtown area to attract more people and customers to the downtown sector of a city or town where your business might be located, for example.

You might also find local grant money available to help you attend a trade show in the United States or even in other countries. This will assist your new business in finding customers and introduce your products to new markets, which would help your new business to grow.

Another avenue of resources is grant money that is bestowed on a local organization, usually a non-profit one or a foundation, and then the local non-profit makes various types of resources available for people who want to start a business. Often these resources are given to whoever is the focus of the non-profit foundation. It could be children and education. Or it might be women or minorities, or other types of beneficiaries. Sometimes money is available if your new business is located in an economically depressed area of a town, and if your new business will hire local people who come from an economically depressed background, then you will find many incentives available from a city or town to help bring your new business there.

If you are a professor affiliated with a local college or university, there is grant money available for research projects. Many of the research projects tend to be oriented toward the science fields, such as biomass energy and other types of technology, as well as environmental concerns such as renewable fuel research, and health-related research.

If you want to start a business that has a science and environmental focus, there is grant money available for individuals who partner with a university or other organization and work together on developing new types of products, typically with a renewable energy focus. The purpose of these types of project grants is to develop a product which can then be introduced to the public. In addition, at the local level you may find grants available for educational pursuits that would give you the skills you need to start a new business.

These are just some of the things you can use a local grant for. Make sure to read the terms of each individual grant you apply for.


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