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5 Advantages of Letting Your Employees Work From Home

Thanks to increasingly fast and reliable internet connections along with a host of new software options, it is now more viable than ever to let your staff work from home. Give your employees the right software and they’ll be able to work on collaborative projects, answer e-mails, take calls and even attend meetings via video […]

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3 Ways to Avoid Loneliness When Working From Home

While working from home has a lot of upsides, it also has a few challenges. One is social isolation and loneliness. Here are just a few ways you can overcome that. Go Out Working from home is really more of a figure of speech rather than a literal description of where you are going to […]

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How to Create a “Home Office” When You Are Short on Space

Working from home is a growing trend. You have the freedom to work when you want, as much as you want. You can take the afternoon off to watch your son’s soccer game or attend your daughter’s dance recital. Many people see this as the ideal situation and work hard to achieve the goal of […]

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