Review Of The TVI Express Network Marketing Opportunity

Review Of The TVI Express Network Marketing Opportunity

TVI Express has been making some major claims of offering $10000 income per week in an MLM based business. On what basis does Travel Ventures International make these claims? Are these true; or is TVI just another MLM scam?

What’s TVI Express All About?

We know Travel Ventures International should deal in travel because that’s what the name suggests; but what exactly do they sell?

TVI stands for Travel Ventures International. The company offers travel membership to customers that enable them to get heavy discounts of travel costs for a small membership fee. Members also get a free 6 Nights/ 7 Days stay at specified hotels or resorts at any place they select.

Started in 2009 and based in London, the company has alliances with airline companies, resorts and hotels and other holiday agents throughout the world.

The TVI Express Network

However, to TVI, the product doesn’t seem to be as important as the MLM opportunity they have to offer. This is reflected even in their website which has almost no information about the product, but lots of promotional details for the business opportunity.

What’s So Great About This TVI Express Business

Reps pay $300 to join the business and get immediate access to back office that allows them to make bookings.

Success in this business will require you to pedal from lower levels to higher levels. The first level is the Traveller Board; you need to recruit at least two people who in turn should recruit two more. You get $500 when you get out of the Traveller Board and $10000 when you exit the Express Board which is the second level. There are two more levels to cycle through and the payout keeps increasing with each level.

Factors In Support Of TVI

Other than the obvious advantage of attractive commissions, TVIExpress also offers to its reps the benefit of internet marketing. If your performance is exceptionally good, you can also win laptops and cars.

TVI Reality

The TVI Express Network

Outwardly, the business of hiring two people who continue the chain may sound easy; but a lot of effort is required to keep the chain going. Also, you’ll need to bring in much more than two people to make money in this business because that’s what this MLM is all about. Build a strong MLM downline to strengthen your business; this is the best way to make profit.

This is not a unique dealer in the discount travel segment. Pyxism is a competitor that’s new to the market; Dream Style Vacation is another holiday dealer that’s catching people’s attention. Both these companies have a structure similar to TVI and have started gaining popularity with both customers as well as reps.

f you’re in this business full time for the money, you’d be wasting your time trying to sell this opportunity to your friends or relatives. The reason is, you’ll have to make sure you recruit people who’re as interested in this business as you are; only then can you hope to build your downline and strengthen your business.

Build A Strong TVI Express Business

To succeed in this business, you’d need to beat your competitors in this business as well as other discount travel companies. Though TVI offers good resources to promote your business online, you have to know tricks that would set you apart from others. How else can you get people to visit your website instead of all others? With innovative internet lead generation marketing tools, you’re sure to get a good amount of traffic in your website. Keep up with these innovations and be the first to market your business in a way that’s sure to grab people’s attention.

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